Created by:
Daniel Wakefield Pasley & Emiliano Granado

Edited by:
Kyle von Hoetzendorff

Published by:
Kevin Edward Brown

European Director/Reporter:
Raoul Sturme

Klaus Bellon

Thomas Slater

About Manual for Speed

Professional cycling—at its most elemental level—is about speed. Support staff, management, individual racers and the team collectively are dedicated to its pursuit. Training, nutrition, physiology, psychology, and strategy combine to realize it. Speed is the bottom line; the ultimate goal.

Manual for Speed is not a technical manual or training resource. It is not a report of last week’s results. We represent an intimate, insightful and studied look at speed. Viewed from as many perspectives as possible, this project is a humanistic and episodic look at what professional cyclists do and endure to go as fast as they possibly can.

In 2011 & 2012, Manual for Speed followed Team Garmin-Cervelo and Team Exergy. Garmin-Cervelo (now Team Garmin-Sharp) was an established and accomplished UCI Pro Tour while Team Exergy was a rookie Domestic (UCI Continental) team with high expectations but no record to speak of. At the end of 2012, after making it to the Tour of California, the Tour of Utah and the Tour of Colorado, Exergy Development backed out of it’s financial commitment, forcing Team Exergy to fold. Meanwhile, Garmin had two very successful seasons including a victory at the Giro d’Italia for Ryder Hesjedal.

In 2013, Manual For Speed is focused on Alex Howes and Team Garmin-Sharp1, Development2 (Colombian, American and Belgian), the Giro d’Italia3, Domestic Racing4, and Cyclocross5.

Manual for Speed is underwritten by Castelli. Castelli is dedicated to innovation and the pursuit of performance. Decades of meeting the demands of professional cyclists and teams has resulted in extensive fabric and materials R&D, progressive design, and influence and pedigree within the pro peloton.

  1. PRO TOUR: For a more intimate and in-depth look at the Pro Tour scene we are working closely with Team Garmin-Sharp’s Alex Howes: we are following him to Belgium for the Ardennes Classics, to California for the TOC, etc. We will also chronicle Team Garmin-Sharp’s Giro Campaign. []
  2. DEVELOPMENT: This spring MFS travelled to Colombia (Bogota, Medellín, Urrao, Manizales and Tuluá) to interview and photograph Colombia’s extensive (and effective) Junior Development program – from Clubs & Academies to U23 to Pro World Tour. We are also following Bear Development, a Northern California grass roots based development program, as well as several individual stand-out juniors and U-23 kids from America and Belgium. []
  3. THE GIRO D’ITALIA: MFS is chronicling every stage on-the-ground and day-for-day, during the entire 2013 Giro d’Italia. In addition to documenting the Enterprise that is a Grand Tour, we have special access to Team Garmin-Sharp and Team Colombia; Colombia’s national team. []
  4. DOMESTIC: In addition to documenting several key Domestic races like Tour of Califronia and Tour of Colorado, MFS will check-in with several ex-Team Exergy athletes still racing at the professional level – Carlos Alzate, Ben Chaddock, Morgan Schmitt, Matt Cooke, Connor and Kevin Mullervy. []
  5. CYCLOCROSS: MFS is documenting Cyclocross from the perspective of Team Cannondale p/b Ryan Trebon, Tim Johnson, Jamey Driscoll and Kaitie Antonneau. []