Evan Murphy is in Emiliano Granado's car. They are driving home after the finish of the Parx Casino Philly Cycling Classic.

I have to be nice to everybody because I'm at a really critical point in my "career",1—it's not just the DS who determines who rides for a team, it's the guys on the team too. That's why I'm on Foundation, Neil liked me, Dan liked me and I did well at Milan2. If the guys on Bissell don't like somebody that somebody is not going to get on the team, even if that somebody won a stage of the Tour de France. I'm not sucking up to anybody, it's not that, but I can't just be like, "Ah man I fuckin' hate that guy" or, "That guy is so sketch" or ride up to somebody and tell them, "Yo your teammate was really jackin it back there." You have to be careful.3


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