Manual for Speed is at the USA Cyclocross National Championships this weekend. We saw Tim across the parking lot this afternoon and said hi.

"I just got handed a People for Bikes helmet mirror. I know the woman who handed me the mirror, we call her the People for Bikes Princess. She's handed me these before; we work together at Ride On Chicago and Ride On Washington. You always gotta keep an eye on your competitors, that's what it's for. I feel stronger on right-hand turns, generally, so I put it on the left. If I'm going right, I don't want to be distracted."

I had oatmeal with pistachios, a mix from Whole Foods, with two eggs microwaved and coconut oil on top. With maple syrup and lots of salt. Tons of salt. Tastes killer. I just saw American Hustle. I saw Prisoners too, that was sketchy shit.

Tim Johnson, Cannondale p/b