Adam Myerson grabbed my bike for me, and I wandered off-course. A police officer tried to get me to stay put while he called medical, but after five minutes it became apparent they weren’t coming to me. I staggered up the course, locating the EMTs and getting bandaged up. I examined my nearly-new helmet to discover a massive split and chainring bite marks in the back of it. Injuries suffered? Broken rib, concussion, more abrasions, and a huge sub-dermal hematoma the size of a third-trimester pregnancy on my left hip. My pants wouldn’t fit right for a month, and there’s still a massive wad of scar tissue sitting there that no amount of tear-jerking foam rolling will dissipate. Needless to say, the Spartanburg wreck took me out of the last two Speed Week races (as well as most of May and June) —a huge letdown for me, as I was finally feeling like I had the legs/skill to be useful to the team. I’ve learned a lot from the crashing, but it’s still something I’d rather not have gone through.—Nate King