NAME: Evan Huffman DOB: 7 January 1990 (Year of the Snake) BIRTHPLACE: Elk Grove, CA
TEAM: Astana Pro Team

Evan Huffman is one of the few 23 year olds from Elk Grove, California that almost never makes references to the movie Borat. It’s hard, and perhaps a bit foolish, to make jokes about a hapless, pseudo-Kazakh character played by a British guy in a movie that was actually filmed in Romania, when you race for a Kazakh-backed team, and so many of your teammates are from that country.

Be that as it may, things are still good for Huffman, who starts his second year with Astana after dropping out of college and jumping straight from the amateur ranks to the sport’s top level (like Andrew Talansky, Huffman rode for Cal Giant-Specialized as an amateur), racing Paris–Roubaix as a neo-pro. Evan started cycling as a tri-athlete. His musical taste is skewed heavily toward metalcore, he enjoys bands like Arizona's Greeley Estates and California’s Confide.1

  1. Unfortunately Confide is no longer together. []