What I really care about is winning races and winning money. I couldn't race bicycles just because I like it recreationally. This is my profession. I also do it because I like it but that can't be the only reason.1 I wouldn’t have a way to live, a way to support myself, a way to get ahead.

I know that I have the ability, I just need the opportunity to move forward.

In the next 5 years I want to get to a World Tour team. I know I have the skills; all I need is someone to help me get to the teams. Once I am on a team, I know I alone can support myself and adapt to the lifestyle there.—Carlos Eduardo Alzate Escobar

2013 National Criterium Calendar Men's Pro Standings

  1. Carlos Alzate Escobar 1101 pts
  2. Hilton Clarke 961 pts
  3. Luke Keough 585 pts
  4. Shane Kline 562 pts
  5. Karl Menzies 510 pts