Ignacio Velez, former General Manager and current Business Advisor of Nairo's amateur team (formerly Colombia Es Pasion and now Team 4-72), had this to say about Nairo Quintana's recent successes in the Tour de France:

I have no words to describe our feelings. This is a huge step for Colombian cycling, but not the last. We are, together, building a new generation of escarabajos1 who have grown up with the strictest ethic standards, and who are helping with each of their pedal strokes to build a better image of Colombia, which in the end benefits a country that has suffered a lot. Nairo, thank you for your professionalism, thank you for your humbleness, thank you for being Colombian!

  1. Escarabajo is the Spanish word commonly used to refer to Colombian cyclists, climbers in particular. Though the word literally translates to "beetle," it was first used to describe the climber Ramon Hoyos when he won his first Vuelta a Colombia in 1953. His steady climbing style was described as that of a beetle by the local press, and the name stuck. Though Hoyos was the original escarabajo, the term today has come to encompass all Colombian cyclists, who are commonly climbers by virtue of their upbringing and the topography that surrounds them. []