The course is the darkest course of the whole week. Halfway through the 90 minute race the ‘bad’ crash of the night happened on Corner 1. Back on the main straightaway, the officials jumped in front of us and we all stopped on the start line… the race neutralized as paramedics attended to the injured riders. We were told it would be 10-15 minutes. 

Hot and out of water, I leaned my bike against the rail and walked backwards along the course to the bar to get more. I stood at the bar for ages. I guess they didn’t want to serve “that guy in spandex”.  We actually call it lyrca—get it right people! Eventually I gave up but fortunately found a waitress on the way out and she filled my bottles. She was pretty cute too… too bad I had to go get back on my bike and finish the race. I learned a long time ago that if you hesitate you’ll never make it, so when i decided to go find water, I was going to make it happen.—Ben Chaddock