Cascade Cycling Classic

Bend, OR

DATE: 24 July 2011   TIME: 3:22 PM   SUBJECT: Awbrey Butte Circuit Race

Surviving in the heat, last day of the stage race, talking with DS: I was trying to get as much water I could that day.  It is extremely hot and dry in Bend and I wanted to be in the best shape for the final few miles of the race when shit really goes down. —Matt Cooke

Team Exergy Training Camp

Ventura, CA

DATE: 14 February 2011   TIME: 4:23 PM   SUBJECT: Living Room Massage

Massage is about relaxing, but also about hearing Mark (the sougnier) talk about his love life.—Sam Johnson

Speed Week

Walterboro, SC

DATE: 4 May 2011   TIME: 9:02 PM   SUBJECT: Downtown Walterboro Criterium

Caffeine-buzzed, adrenaline-saturated, I can’t go to bed, the tightest, most technical “what if” moments during the race keep replaying against my drawn eyelids. So I look for some dopamine…melatonin? A massage will work and make me go faster tomorrow. Sometimes you gotta take things into your own hands. With a small squad in Tulsa it is up to me to prepare for the next day with a self-massage. With every whisk of hands, I mash out the errors of today’s race and provide a chance for my body to heal itself while I sleep. —Ben Chaddock

Cascade Cycling Classic

Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort, OR

DATE: 22 July 2011   TIME: 1:22 PM   SUBJECT: Cascade Lakes Road Race

I screwed up the finish of the stage and I was pretty disappointed with myself. The moment was so fresh in my mind and I was just mad at myself for not doing better. —Matt Cooke

Cascade Cycling Classic

Bend, OR

DATE: 22 July 2011   TIME: 3:15 PM   SUBJECT: Stage Race Downtime

Relaxing on a riverbank is about SpiderTech tan-lines, which are kind of awesome. —Sam Johnson

USA Pro Cycling Championships

Greenville, SC

DATE: 27 May 2011   TIME: 8:31 PM   SUBJECT: Data Collection

Bored in a mansion in Greenville. Hong and I measure our legs. My circumference was 3 inches longer than his 107lbs frame. Sprinter vs.Climber. —Ben Chaddock

Cascade Cycling Classic

Bend, OR

DATE: 10 February 2012   TIME: 11:58 AM   SUBJECT: Skyliners Road Time Trial

I had a great TT, it put me into GC contention. I actually surprised myself with how well I did. I will always remember this race, it makes me think I can time trial well. —Matt Cooke