USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

Boulder, CO

DATE: 12 January 2014   TIME: 12:51 AM   SUBJECT: Hair Care

MFS: Are you aware, like when you look in the mirror every morning, that your hair is fabulous?

"I don't know that I realize it to such an extent, but yes, I am aware that I was blessed with my hair. I really don't think about it too much, it just grows. There are plenty of girls in cross that have better hair than I do, but I don't think any of the other guys do.

"The last haircut I got was in April, a run of the mill $20 haircut at a local barber in Redlands. Honestly, I only got it because it was so hot during the race. Even at home I just go wherever, I don't have "a guy." I usually just cut it as soon as the weather starts warming up, or when it becomes too annoying.

It's only January and I already have a lot of hair as it is, so by this spring it could be really long. But I'm also not sure I'll last that long."

—Jamey Driscoll

"He really, actually does not think about his hair. I don't think about his hair myself too much, but I did tell him the other day that he might want to go short again. Maybe with a little mohawk thing? The flowing locks are really nice in the winter, but he's hot when he has short hair! Maybe a South American  soccer player cut, maybe a scruffy-looking beard. But really, he doesn't care about his hair and I really don't care that much either. And that's why it's so good, it's natural."

—Carly, Jamey's Girlfriend

USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

Boulder, CO

DATE: 11 January 2014   TIME: 2:59 PM

"I have a '68 Plymouth GTX 440. Lately I've been spending a bunch of time researching what I want to do with it; I'm not doing any of the work but I need to be smart about what work is done to it. What modifications I want to make, what motor I want to put in it, color schemes, things like that. I've seen a nice burnt red orange color that I like, and you'll see them in dark green, that looks really nice—and I normally don't even like green cars. I think I'm gonna go for a silverish gray though. Not a sparkly, shiny silver but something more flat. Then I'll do a flat black hood and roof, and it's gonna have traditional red stripes on the side. The car won't be period correct; for me the goal isn't to own a perfectly original car. Especially since I don't want it to be nice, I want it to be just nice enough. Really good suspension and brakes and a fuckin' fast motor.

Everything else can be C-quality, because I just want to drive it and not worry about every little thing. I don't want to look at a show car, I want to rip it around.

It's gonna have a 7 liter fuel-injected motor cranked out of a new car. I want it to start, you know? I want it to run, all day. On the other hand, I don't want it to say anything about me. It was my grandpa's car so I just want to restore it. I like it 'cause it's a badass car, not because I'm making some statement about myself. And anyways, this does say something about me1—but I don't give a shit what people think about it. The thing is, it doesn't matter what I put out there, people will perceive it how they will, so I just do what I want. My grandpa would dig it, so it's cool with me."

—Ryan Trebon

  1. He points towards his beautiful, lycra-clad bike racing body. []

USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

Spruce Confections, Boulder, CO

DATE: 11 January 2014   TIME: 9:25 AM   SUBJECT: They're Just Like Us

Two days before the 2013/2014 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships, Manual for Speed found (from L-R) Dan Chabanov (Richard Sachs Cyclocross), BrittLee Bowman (Richard Sachs Cyclocross), Rebecca "Becca" Schepps (Stan's NoTubes p/b enduranceWERX) and Alex Howes (Team Garmin-Sharp Pro Cycling Team) enjoying each other's company and sneaking some certainly-not-on-the-program-treats at Spruce Confections in downtown Boulder Colorado. Among other things we discussed Conquistador hairstyles, chicken joints and whether Boulder is host to a large number of  events, seminars and gatherings based around New Age Beliefs, or just somewhere near the mountains where Status and Wealth can be pursued in yoga pants at the salad bar in the Whole Foods on Pearl Street.

"Each day we conjure up exceptional scones, pastries, small batch soups, elegant birthday cakescupcakes & lots more. Every delicious item is hand-made with love in our open kitchen." —Spruce Confections

USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

Boulder, CO

DATE: 10 January 2014   TIME: 12:17 PM   SUBJECT: Two Days Til Nationals

Manual for Speed is at the USA Cyclocross National Championships this weekend. We saw Tim across the parking lot this afternoon and said hi.

"I just got handed a People for Bikes helmet mirror. I know the woman who handed me the mirror, we call her the People for Bikes Princess. She's handed me these before; we work together at Ride On Chicago and Ride On Washington. You always gotta keep an eye on your competitors, that's what it's for. I feel stronger on right-hand turns, generally, so I put it on the left. If I'm going right, I don't want to be distracted."

I had oatmeal with pistachios, a mix from Whole Foods, with two eggs microwaved and coconut oil on top. With maple syrup and lots of salt. Tons of salt. Tastes killer. I just saw American Hustle. I saw Prisoners too, that was sketchy shit.

Tim Johnson, Cannondale p/b

Manual for Speed: 2014


In 2014, Manual for Speed will provide day-to-day race coverage of the following races:

January 12: USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

January 19–26: Santos Tour Down Under

February 5–8: Dubai Tour

April 7–12: Tour of the Basque Country

April 25–26: Athens Twilight Criterium1

June 6–8: Tulsa Tough

June 8–15: Critérium du Dauphiné

June 21: Downer Avenue Criterium2

July 12: Boise Twilight Criterium

July 26: San Rafael Criterium

August 4–10: Tour of Utah

September 10: Cross Vegas

September 14: Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal

September 27–28: Gran Prix of Gloucester

December 6–7: Deschutes Brewery Cup

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  2. Part of Tour of America's Dairyland []

UCI CX Worlds

Louisville, KY

DATE: 2 February 2013   TIME: 4:02 PM   SUBJECT: "Ski Bum with a Bike Racing Problem"

"I'm not winning the Tour de France. But the guys winning the Tour de France aren't getting a lot of powder days."

—Jamey Driscoll, Raleigh-Clement (formerly Cannondale p/b

UCI CX Worlds

Louisville, KY

DATE: 2 February 2013   TIME: 3:53 PM   SUBJECT: New Realities

"Ten years ago, I could get off my road bike at Tour of Missouri and do really well at Cross Vegas on that Wednesday. You can't do that any more. It's just harder now."

—Tim Johnson, Cannondale p/b

UCI CX Worlds

Louisville, KY

DATE: 3 February 2013   TIME: 9:22 PM   SUBJECT: Cross vs. Road vs. Track vs. MTB

"The courses are always different, the conditions are always different, the atmosphere, the fans; I'm just drawn to cross."

—Kaitie Antonneau, Cannondale p/b

26 September 2013

Bontrager Pro Cycling

DATE: 12 May 2013   TIME: 7:45 PM   SUBJECT: Job Titles

It took me like four years to find out how to pronounce "soigneur."1

"I was so embarrassed. People would ask what I did and I would avoid using the word so they wouldn’t know that I didn’t know how it was pronounced. I would just explain all of my duties in detail. One day someone responded, 'Oh you’re a soigneur.' That’s how I learned it’s wasn’t pronounced Soy-ig-nar."

  1. SWAN-yur []

Olympic Aspirations

Bogotá, Colombia

DATE: 25 January 2013   TIME: 2:45 PM   SUBJECT: BMX

Known internationally as a source for road cycling talent since Alfonso Florez won the Tour de l’Avenir in 1980, Colombia is now well known in other cycling disciplines as well. 5-time world champion Mariana Pajón Londoño won the gold medal in BMX at the London Olympics in 2012, making her only the second Colombian ever to take a top podium spot at the Olympics.

13 September 2013

Medellín, Colombia

DATE: 30 January 2013   TIME: 9:52 AM   SUBJECT: Detergent of Choice

An endless string of major international players have entered Colombia’s clothing detergent market, only to find limited success. This is because in Colombia, one brand of clothing detergent—which oddly enough is only available in bar form—reigns supreme. El Rey (The King), has been a staple in Colombian households for generations. The company has never had an advertising budget, and yet it’s continues to outsell all others. Not only is it a favorite for clothing, but it’s also used for washing pots and pans, and some even use it as shampoo.

Many cyclists use it for their kit, knowing well that while growing up, their mothers always trusted their delicate apparel to El Rey.

Cycling Clubs

Urrao, Colombia

DATE: 27 January 2013   TIME: 8:23 AM   SUBJECT: Historical Precedent

“The area most associated with ‘La Violencia’ in Antioqua is the southwest, specifically Urrao. Its experience has been the benchmark by which regional violence between 1946 and 1953 has historically been measured.”

Blood and Fire: La Violencia in Antioquia, Colombia, 1946-1953, Mary Roldán. Duke University Press Book.

USA Pro Challenge

Aspen/Snowmass, CO

DATE: 19 August 2013   TIME: 1:04 AM   SUBJECT: Trans-Atlantic Communications

From: alexander howes
To: daniel

Yo Gangsta Cat,

You in Colorado right Meow? If so spread my love to all those deserving. Please.

Keep living righteous and fast,

USA Pro Challenge

DATE: 20 August 2013   TIME: 10:22 AM

MFS: "Where are you from?"



USA Pro Challenge

Snowmass, CO

DATE: 19 August 2013   TIME: 5:03 PM   SUBJECT: Twinsies

MFS: "Hey, can we get a picture?"

LACHLAN: "Sure." (He's about to leave with his family.)

MFS: "Thanks. We're MFS by the way, we document your team. We're tight with Alex."

LACHLAN: "Oh yeah, I've seen something about it. Cool."

USA Pro Challenge

Breckenridge, CO

DATE: 20 August 2013   TIME: 12:01 PM   SUBJECT: Hoosier Pass

Hoosier Pass, elevation 11,542 ft (3,518 m), is a high mountain pass in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado in the United States located on the Continental Divide at the northern end of the Mosquito Range. The road over the pass has a smooth approach on the south side but has several switchbacks on the north side with a grade of 8%."

Tour of California

Outside Palm Springs, CA

DATE: 13 May 2013   TIME: 1:03 PM   SUBJECT: Palm Springs, Saudi Arabia

I remember telling everybody we were going to the top of a hill and then down into Palm Springs. I told everybody it was going to be hotter than hell, I said, "Be ready to have your faces melted off." I said after the top we go down and and down and down, and as we go down it gets hotter and hotter and hotter. I was prepared. But it was so hot, even hotter than I thought it was going to be. You'd dump water on your head and you were dry in less than four minutes.

It was like Middle East hot, like Saudi Arabia, it was surreal. It was seriously mind-blowing otherworldly hot.

Tour of California

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

DATE: 19 May 2013   TIME: 8:00 AM   SUBJECT: Mental Doodling

I don’t really think about much before these things, races. You know when you're in school and not paying attention, and you’re just kinda doing stuff, doodling, looking at people or whatever, it's like that. Sometimes I talk to people. I say, "What are you doing out here?" And they say, We came to watch the race. And that's pretty much it.

Tour of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT

DATE: 10 August 2012   TIME: 4:25 PM   SUBJECT: SPF Inadequacy

MFS asked Freddie Rodriguez what SPF he was using before Stage 4 of the 2012 Tour of Utah; this is how he responded:

I'm using SPF 50. I wish it was 100. Maybe if I slobber it on twice, does that count as 100?1

  1. Photo: Matt Cooke, after Stage Four. []