Team Exergy Training Camp

Outside Ventura, CA

DATE: 17 February 2012   TIME: 11:34 AM   SUBJECT: Santa Ynez Mountains

Training camp is about testing yourself. It is fun to see how the other guys are going. And some of us need other guys to test against. But really, camp is about testing yourself. On paper, that ride was really only a test for the climbers. When the rest of us saw the road open up, with a cross wind, it was our last best chance to have fun. That ride across that basin was just a stampede. I felt like a wild horse. There was no prize other than the feeling of speed and camaraderie, with no risk of getting totally dropped because we had a follow car. You don’t get that feeling a lot in races because big efforts are precious and you are always calculating how to use them. —Quinn Keogh

Redlands Bicycle Classic

Redlands, CA

DATE: 23 March 2012   TIME: 4:21 PM   SUBJECT: Pro Shopping

Remi McManus, Team Exergy General Manager, shops for his teams’ dinner at Albertsons after Stage 2 of the Redlands Bicycle Classic in Redlands, CA. He will spend $250 to feed his eight riders and six staff a meal of Spicy Chicken and Vegetables Over Pasta.

Redlands Bicycle Classic

Redlands, CA

DATE: 24 March 2012   TIME: 8:12 PM   SUBJECT: Comforts on the Road

Lucy is her name. She’s awesome. I love pugs. For being as fat as she is, she can jump really high. One morning before a stage she woke me up by jumping onto my bed and licking my face.—Matt Cooke

Team Exergy Training Camp

Ventura, CA

DATE: 19 February 2012   TIME: 3:37 AM   SUBJECT: Management Burritos

Team Exergy General Manager Remi McManus in a vacation rental near the Ventura Marina. It is almost four o’clock in the morning. The night was spent clubbing with the team in Santa Barbara. The seven long days previous were spent running Exergy’s annual winter training camp. He eats a Frozen Gas Station Burrito. There is one rider left unaccounted for.

Redlands Bicycle Classic

Redlands, CA

DATE: 22 March 2012   TIME: 10:34 AM   SUBJECT: Stage 1, Time Trial

Team Exergy’s General Manager Remi McManus working the Redlands Bicycle Classic VIP Area (AKA the Redlands Church of Christ parking lot), managing existing sponsors and tirelessly seeking new riders, race invitations, sponsorships, benefactors, or anything else to advance the Team.

Team Exergy Sponsor Camp

Boise, ID

DATE: 31 January 2012   TIME: 10:23 AM   SUBJECT: Ben Chaddock's Stretching Routine

Before we go any further, I almost forgot to discuss just why it is so important to stretch and massage. 1) It provides an opportunity to check-in with your body: what is tight? What needs attention? 2) When without the assistance of a massage therapist, regular massage helps maintain fascia-sheath health and decreases the likelihood of pulled muscles. This regular care and attention also promotes muscular elasticity for greater recruitment, power and ultimately performance. 3) Most importantly however, a ‘recovery’ routine should include stretching and massage as it increases the blood flow to the damaged area, thereby increasing the speed at which the body can rebuild exercise-induced micro-muscle fiber tears and flush out toxins.—Ben Chaddock, Team Exergy1

  1. Manual #2: KNOW YOUR RECOVERY []

Redlands Bicycle Classic

Redlands, CA

DATE: 25 March 2012   TIME: 3:52 PM   SUBJECT: Stage 4

I was riding the course backwards trying to keep track of the guys and I found Carlos trying to get into the car. It was fortunate i got there; if he would’ve got in a car without turning in his number he would’ve lost the green jersey. I gave him a jacket and told him, “Hey, you gotta do another lap.” He was upset. It was horrible, but he got the green and he keeps that forever.—Tad Hamilton, Director Sportif of Team Exergy

Amstel Gold Race

Maastricht, The Netherlands

DATE: 15 April 2012   TIME: 9:28 AM   SUBJECT: Sign-in

I try not to wear new clothing when I race. I did it once. I don’t even need to wear it; I just need to wash it. —Dan Martin, Team Garmin-Barracuda

La Flèche Wallonne

Huy, Belgium

DATE: 18 April 2012   TIME: 3:55 PM   SUBJECT: Mur de Huy

If you believe in what you’re doing you’re more likely to succeed. It’s like going downhill. You must believe you’re going to make it; the second you hesitate, that’s when it goes wrong. —Dan Martin, Team Garmin-Barracuda1


USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Crested Butte, CO

DATE: 23 August 2011   TIME: 5:22 PM   SUBJECT: Stage 1

I want other teams to see that our riders are not having mechanicals. We cannot have bike issues at crucial moments during the race. I need to do my part and I want to be the best, I want our bikes to perform the best. I am just as competitive as the riders.

Sometimes it feels like the team owns me.  However, I feel like I need stress and hard work to feel like I’m getting something out of my profession. I like the satisfaction that I get when I know that a job is completed and done well.—Josh Geiszler, Team Exergy Chief Mechanic

USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Between Steamboat Springs and Breckenridge, CO

DATE: 27 August 2011   TIME: 12:33 PM   SUBJECT: Stage 5

Here we are swapping bikes from car to car. Car #1 needed to go and service our riders in the break, so we needed to ensure the riders in the peloton had spare bikes on top of Car #2 to back them up.

I have a list of items that I know need to be in the car. My memory serves me well and I rarely forget anything. I’m in charge of equipment, so I load bikes, spare wheels and tools into the car. The soignuer takes care of bottles and food. But I check to see what they have loaded, since riders will be asking for it during the race. If a soigneur forgets, say, Clif Bloks, and I dont catch it, it’s on me. With two cars, the work is doubled so the assistant mechanic takes care of his car. —Josh Geiszler, Team Exergy Chief Mechanic

USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Between Steamboat Springs and Breckenridge, CO

DATE: 27 August 2011   TIME: 1:43 PM   SUBJECT: Stage 5

Every time I start a race, I wonder if I am going to have to get out the car. Once I see a riders hand go up, or number called on race radio, “its on.” My instincts take over. I grab my wheels and jump out of the car. Sometimes the exchanges are quick, sometimes average.  I’ve done them dozens of times and am well versed. I love that pressure. I know I can handle it, as does everyone on the team. It’s great to be the hero of the day when you save the race for the team. —Josh Geiszler, Team Exergy Chief Mechanic

USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Denver, CO

DATE: 28 August 2011   TIME: 9:27 PM   SUBJECT: Hair Maintenance

For my hair, I use Mane ‘n Tail. It’s a shampoo that’s designed for use with humans and animals. The first time I bought the stuff was actually for a joke, but I used it with great results. Helps to be a blonde too. I use putty instead of gel now. Putty gives your hair a more natural look. —Josh Geiszler, Team Exergy Chief Mechanic

USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Colorado Springs, CO

DATE: 22 August 2011   TIME: 3:01 PM   SUBJECT: Prologue

I try to stay calm by thinking of waves crashing and getting my body ready to accept the pain that’s about to come. Racing at the USAPCC with the best cyclists in the world is knowing that I’m doing everything right. Andrés Diaz

TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championship

Philadelphia, PA

DATE: 5 June 2011   TIME: 9:15 AM   SUBJECT: The Colombian Connection

Having Freddie on the team is like having a friend. Someone that will give me all the support to reach the Pro Tour level. —Andres Diaz

Speed Week

Beaufort, SC

DATE: 3 May 2011   TIME: 11:15 PM   SUBJECT: Beaufort Memorial Classic

Throughout my life as an owner and general manager of restaurants, I’ve done many jobs and worn many hats. From cleaning toilets and walk-in coolers to baking all night long, covered in flour, on my hands and knees rebuilding 250 gallon mixers. They’re dirty jobs, all of them. And now that I manage a professional road cycling team, I can safely say that doing laundry for twelve professional athletes fits right in as one of the dirtiest, most annoying jobs on earth. —Remi McManus

TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championship

Philadelphia, PA

DATE: 5 June 2011   TIME: 3:00 PM   SUBJECT: Heat

We asked Ben Chaddock to write us something about the experience of riding in the heat. 

In Heat

Morning Spin

Oppressive Dew, Defy
Lethargic Mope, Hydrate
Sleepy Eyelids, Coffee
Tired Legs, Back to Bed

Full Throttle

Fired Eyes, Blinding UVs
Easy Breathing, Open Capillaries
Swollen Feet, Aching Toe Nails
Grippy Gloves, Protecting Palms
Skin Tightens, Veins Surface
Heart Beat Hastens, Fuel-Injection
Exhale Shortens, I NEED MORE AIR!
Tongue Parched, Where is my soigneur?
Recollect, Evaluate
Find Teammates, Discuss
Move Forward, Control
Match Opponents, Then Attack

Après Victory

Sticky Chamois, Wet Wipes
Sunscreen Slime, Shower
Blood Sugar Crash, Iced Coke
Ninety Minute Sauna; Drained.

Speed Week

Beaufort, SC

DATE: 3 May 2011   TIME: 10:49 PM   SUBJECT: Beaufort Memorial Classic

During speedweek we drove in the car and raced around foreign roads every night. Running out of shammys, I find it most hygenic to scrub with soap and then hang to dry. If I do it right now, right after I get home from the race, they’ll be dry when I need them for my morning spin. —Ben Chaddock

Tulsa Tough

Tulsa, OK

DATE: 11 June 2011   TIME: 7:39 PM   SUBJECT: Local Homestay

We’re leaving for Stage 2 of Tulsa tough in 10 minutes. I just took a
shower, shaved, woke up after my afternoon nap and am ready to start my day. I packed my bag before my nap, the only thing left to do was make the bed, nice to come home to simplicity after chaos. —Ben Chaddock