Manual for Speed is about the humanity of speed. To that end, in addition to documenting cycling tournaments around the world we've spent the last four years collecting individual human athletes, individual human athletes like Alex Howes, Lachlan Morton, Phil Gaimon, Matt Cooke, Carlos Alzate, Freddie Rodriguez, Sam Johnson, Dan Chabonov and, among countless others, Evan Murphy. It's their (the athlete's) individual perspectives, insights and p-e-r-s-o-n-a-l-i-t-i-e-s that give the pursuit of speed—and by association the entire institution of professional road cycling—the character, context and dramatic gravity it requires, and without which the whole entire enterprise would be sterile, mechanistic and devoid of personality. And let's be honest here, as it really is just about devoid of personality.

Speaking of which, the Human Athlete Visual Showcase is an exercise in personality. Because listen, these dudes aren't robots. They have feelings, emotions, families, ideas, proclivities, tastes, dreams and idiosyncrasies, just like you and I.

Take Evan Murphy for example. In addition moving up from Cat 2 to Cat-basically-like-pro in an afternoon, in part by supporting Matt Cooke's (2013 USA Pro Cycling Challenge Man of the Mountain—MOM) Philadelphia campaign, he is funny and smart. He also races cyclocross for Castelli-sponsored NYC Velo CX, a cyclocross team based in New York City.

On the subject of Evan Murphy, we managed to procure a one-of-a-kind piece of cyclocross memorabilia for you. Available in the store.

Evan (humanity) +
Cyclocross (cycling tournaments) +
Castelli (an unfair advantage) +
New York City (Times Square, Union Square, CHUD, Central Park, etc.) +
MFS (an interest in humanity) =


Evan Murphy wears the Castelli Team CX Lycra Speedsuit (contact Castelli Cycling, Servizio Corse for pricing), lounging below the Williamsburg Bridge.
Lovers and Cyclocross on the Brooklyn Waterfront.
Evan Murphy wears protection with style, the Giro Air Attack ($200).
Evan Murphy greets a tourist at Charging Bull by Maestro Arturo Di Modica, Broadway and Morris.
The Giro Code ($280) mountain bike shoes retain enough walkability for Evan Murphy to maneuver on foot around the Washington Square Park fountain.
Evan Murphy in Battery Park, NY.
Running down Broadway carrying an Independent Fabrications Titanium Planet Cross ($4,095 Frame/Fork) bicycle is not recommended, but Evan Murphy doesn't play by the rules.
Evan Murphy supports mass transit.
Evan Murphy styles the NYC Velo CX kit on the steps of the New York Public Library (42nd and 5th).
Mingling with local superstars is a major draw to New York City for tourists.
Evan Murphy practices his shouldering technique at 42nd and 5th—a professional never rests.
Evan Murphy exhibits the versatility of the NYC Velo CX design and Castelli Team CX Lycra Speedsuit (contact Castelli Cycling, Servizio Corse for pricing) in Times Square.
Two other men in uniform join Evan Murphy at the Times Square US Armed Services Career Center.
Evan Murphy credits his success to his passionate fans—they hail from all over the globe.
Evan Murphy wears the Castelli Team CX Lycra Speedsuit (contact Castelli Cycling, Servizio Corse for pricing), Giro Air Attack ($200), Giro Code ($280), Independent Fabrications Titanium Planet Cross ($4,095 Frame/Fork).