Institutionalized support. More than physiology and natural talents, an accessible, organized and effective network of Development resources is what is required to cultivate and nurture not just one but many winners. This is a study of Junior Development – from Belgium, North America and Colombia to clubs, academies, U-23 programs, all the way to the Domestic and Pro Tour levels.

NAME: Daniel Durango | AGE: 20
NAME: Yean Rodríguez | AGE: 21
NAME: Camilo Suárez | AGE: 23
NAME: Matt Schaupp | AGE: 18
NAME: Maddie Ortenblad | AGE: 16
NAME: Spence Peterson | AGE: 18
NAME: Diego Velasco | AGE: 16
NAME: Diego Ruiz | AGE: 18
NAME: Bryan Chaves | AGE: 15
NAME: Alex Darville | TEAM: Bontrager Pro Cycling | COUNTRY: United States | AGE: 18
NAME: Josey Weik | TEAM: ISCorp p/b Intelligentsia | COUNTRY: United States | AGE: 16
NAME: Jasper Stuyven | TEAM: Bontrager Pro Cycling | COUNTRY: Belgium | AGE: 21
NAME: Reed McCalvin | TEAM: Bontrager Pro Cycling Soigneur and Mr. Mom | COUNTRY: United States | AGE: 36