He grew up on a rural farm in the foothills of western Virgina just outside Shenandoah. His parents, engineers working for the same company, sat next to each other at work. He was a normal kid. He played lacrosse, attack. Throughout middle school and high school he had various jobs. First Subway, then Jerry's Subs and PizzaThere was this sub called the T-N-T that had these fried jalapeño poppers on it. That made it the T-N-T, it wasn't just a cheesesteak. But I never remembered the T-N-T poppers, so it was usually just a cheesesteak.—then Blue Ridge Mountain Sports. At somepoint in the middle of his sophomore year, because his friends raced and because he thought it looked like fun, he showed up to a mountain bike race on a 100-degree day. In a t-shirt and tennis shoes—no water bottle. He raced Junior Beginner, he finished seventh out of ten.

Six years later he won the Baby Giro and hired an agent.

Trying to weigh contracts and offers is really tough, especially for Neo-Pros. There are so many U23 riders that are really talented, but when they go up to the Pro Tour teams they get lost in the shuffle. People are always saying, whatever happened to that guy? I don't want to be THAT guy.

Inside the Ogden Marriot, the day before the start of the 2012 Tour of Utah, in the pool room -  rubber chairs, plastic tables, chlorine-humidity, big windows, lots of sun, and staff (hotel and team) comings and goings - we (MFS) interviewed Joe Dombrowski. For two hours we talked about horses, George Mason University, rumors (Sky), basektball, the Lab at JMU, Chris Horner & Hincapie & Levi, racing cross in road kit, his VO2Max (86), etc.

Joe Dombrowski's interview along with continued Tour of Utah coverage will be published over the next 10 days.