Team Exergy Director Sportif Tad Hamilton shared his thoughts on succeeding without winning after Stage 1 of the Redlands Bicycle Classic.

I think the one thing we can take out of Redlands is that there can be a lot of adversity that no one knows about. Five of our eight riders were sick, half the staff was sick, we were coming from San Dimas where it felt like we won the race but lost it because of a silly penalty, and we had used the whole team that week to set ourselves up in that race. That second day we rode well and maintained pressure on the yellow jersey. We didn't win the stage, but Freddie got second and the team continued to position itself well. 

2  Rodriguez, Freddie
13 Alzate, Carlos Eduar
35 Tvetcov, Serge
45 Schmitt, Morgan
53 Cooke, Matt
108 Loader, Logan
DNF 81 Diaz, Andres Miguel
DNF 86 Chaddock, Ben