“It felt like a homecoming. Philly is the source of a lot of positive feelings and memories for me, it feels familiar. And Exergy’s energy was positive, I felt like I belonged. It was a long first race back after a year and half off and I cramped at the end, but doing well from Exergy’s standpoint was always a bonus so yeah, coming home and racing for Exergy felt good.” – Fast Freddie.

Mid-race, Tad Hamilton gives race commentator Todd Gogulski a live televised cell-phone interview from inside the team car, which team car Tad is driving and from which team car Tad is still running support and directing the team’s strategy.

Mancebo and Andres get caught with 3 km to go. Alex Rasmussen wins. Carlos Alzate gets 10th in the sprint. Freddie, his first race back, finishes 12th.

After the race Tad finds Todd to thank him for the interview. Todd says simply, “that’s a great team.”