Stage 07 August 24 Start: Boulder Distance: 78 mi / 125 km Sprints: Golden, Denver KOMs: Lookout Mountain Finish: Denver

Today's High Points:

  1. Seeing and visiting with our Tiger for the first time. Tiger, say what? A real Tiger?, a guy in a Tiger suit?, or is Tiger some kinda update to the Cougar thing?, what are you talking about "your" Tiger!??!?!?!?!?! Shhhhhhhhh. We commissioned award-winning chalk artist Naomi Haverland to interpret the spirit of Manual for Speed, in chalk, near the pillars at the base of Lookout Mountain. At 11:30 AM today we saw it in person for the first time and it was magnificent.
  2. Alex Howes winning Stage 7 of the 2014 USA Pro Challenge. By approximately 7/10 of an inch, against:
  3. Kiel Reijnen finishing second in Stage 7 of the 2014 USA Pro Challenge and finishing the week in the Sprinter's Jersey.
  4. This text exchange between Pat Pasley and Daniel Wakefield Pasley: PP: Phil seems to be a fan of MFS. Was that an LOTR set-up he had? I hope he finds his ring. DWP: You mean the ring on a necklace he wears around his neck? PP: Yes. DWP: You know, now that you mention it it does kinda vibe Lord or the Rings. Let me ask him. PP: Thanks. He seems like a fun guy. Doesn't he write too? DWP: (after a text exchange between Emiliano Granado and Phil Gaimon, which sidenote, like now that we're talking about it, apparently Phil's last name is pronounced guy'mon, and not gay'men like the award winning author of American Gods, Anansi Boys, Good Omens, Fragile Things, various graphic novels and children's books, etc, etc.): Yes. Okay so apparently it is NOT an LOTR thing. Sorry! It does look just like yours!!!!

Today's Low Point

  1. Not being at the finish to celebrate with everyone, in particular Our Guys and various other Manual for Speed Homies.

Today's Letter To The Editor

From: Subject: MFS Study in potential energy

I love the time trial photography. It is a study in potential energy. The tension, the preparation, the concentration prior to launch of kinetic energy. I always loved Maharishi's description of meditation as potential energy...pulling back the arrow.

A short but incomplete list of comments/questions/commands/exclamations/ejaculations/utterances/expletives/etc. overheard as various spectators and race peoples passed by the Tiger on the way up Lookout Mountain.

  1. "Holy cow!"
  2. "Danny, Danny, Danny, Danny it's a tiger!"
  3. "Now that's what I call art."
  4. "How on Earth did they do that?!"
  5. "What's Maaaaanual foooor Speeeeeed?"
  6. "Look, a lion."
  7. "That's a tiger."
  8. "Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow."
  9. "Ronnie, look at this beautiful street tiger."
  10. "This is 1000% a stunning work of art."
  11. "Timmy, ride into the tiger's mouth, do it."
  12. "Holy shit, look at the size of that cat!"
  13. "Oh boy, they've outdone themselves this year."
  14. "My sister is going to Rock of Art in Lincoln this year."
  15. "Raaaaaaaaaaaaawwwr."

A Chronological Breakdown of MFS #Fansies from the 2014 USA Pro Challenge

Manual for Speed would like to thank the following for their contribution to our 2014 USA Pro Cycling Challenge Coverage:

  1. Ian "An Unfair Advantage" Marshall
  2. Kevin Edward Brown, Publisher and #GIFMASTER
  3. Klaus, Kaption King of MFS
  4. Alex Howes, Cyclist, Team Garmin-Sharp, 1st Place Stage 7, 2nd Place Stage 1+2, 2nd Place Sprint Classification
  5. Phil Gaimon Cyclist, Team Garmin-Sharp #philler
  6. Ben King Cyclist, Team Garmin-Sharp
  7. Thomas Dekker, Cyclist, Team Garmin-Sharp #dailydekker
  8. Tom Danielson, Cyclist, Team Garmin-Sharp, 2nd Place GC
  9. Janier Acevedo, Cyclist, Team Garmin-Sharp, 2nd Place Stage 5
  10. Gavin Mannion, Cyclist, Team Garmin-Sharp, His Birthday Was Yesterday!
  11. Caleb Fairly, Cyclist, Team Garmin-Sharp
  12. Kiel Reijnen, Cyclist, UHC Pro Cycling, 1st Place Stage 1, 2nd Place Stage 7, 1st Place Sprint Classification
  13. Lucas Euser, Cyclist, UHC Pro Cycling, Best Hair in the Peloton
  14. Danny Summerhill, Cyclist, UHC Pro Cycling
  15. Serghei Tvetcov, Cyclist, Jelly Belly Pro Cycling, 3rd Place GC (RIP Team Exergy!)
  16. Joe Lewis, Cyclist, Hincapie Development, #BFF, #bosschiller and Proponent of #pelotonpositivity
  17. Matt Cooke, Cyclist, Jamis-Hagens Berman, 2013 USA Pro Challenge #MOM and MFS Legend
  18. Ted King, Cyclist, Cannondale Pro Cycling, MFS Fan Club Idol
  19. Mike Creed & George Washington's Delaware Party AKA SmartStop Pro Cycling
  20. Mike Love, Photo Moto Driver
  21. Troy Lyons, Soigneur, Team Novo Nordisk, #bottlepooper
  22. Mike Smith, Soigneur, SmartStop Pro Cycing
  23. Mavic SSC Team, the Navy SEALs of the Peloton and heroes of cyclists everywhere
  24. Guillermo Rojas, AKA Lord of the Media AKA The Guy That Puts MFS on Motos
  25. Team The FEED, Nutrition for Athletes and Journalists
  26. Dave Towle, Vocal Energy Supplier and Founder of the Stoke
  27. #dailydekker Participants in various towns around Colorado
  28. Stephen "Fitz" Fitzgerald, Creative Director of the SPEED SPEED SPEED Street Crew
  29. The SPEED SPEED SPEED Street Crew especially Alvin Nordell
  30. Naomi "The Tiger" Haverland
  31. 10 Speed Coffee, #mouthsponsor
  32. Smith Sunglasses, #smithselfies
  33. Extra Special Thanks #EST to Castelli "An Unfair Advantage" Cycling for their continued support, without which Manual for Speed would not be possible
  34. A Double Extra Special Thanks to EVERYONE who supported our social media efforts #thankyou #loveyou

2014 USA Pro Challenge: Stage 7


A Typology of Fan Bicycles on Lookout Mountain During Stage 7 of the USA Pro Challenge