Manual for Speed Manual #1, The Art & Science of Nutrition: Comprehension, Application and Accomplishment in the Twenty-First Century was made in partnership with Dan Chabanov, a professional human cycling athlete with over 10 years of artistic-based sports nutritional expertise, a paradigm based on anecdotal evidence accumulated through trial-and-error, intuition, heresy, experimentation, etc., and The Feed, a team of bona fide specialists using science and technology to create the Feed System, a science-based sports nutritional paradigm the result of an exhaustive, comprehensive fact-based study throughout which they worked with the worlds best cyclists, runners, triathletes and mountaineers. Illustration by Ray Masaki

Step #1: Comprehension

Art & Science tells us there are five Fundamental Hot Tips to eating right and fueling your body; 1.) Hydration, 2.) Pre-workout, 3.) Workout, 4.) Recovery and 5.) Supplement. Featuring Dan Chabanov with supporting footnotes by The Feed.

Step #2: Application

Art & Science tells us the key to effective Nutritional Application is to make it simple and convenient. And nothing is more simple and convenient than having a custom Supply Box sent directly to your doorstep. Whether you’re competing in The Tour de France, training for an Ironman, or just want to supercharge your body for your next ride, race, spin class, or crossfit workout, The Feed has done the work for you. They've hand-picked the best products available on Earth. They tell you when and how to use them so you're able to perform at your best. The Feed's Supply Box is not only simple and convenient, it's custom—We make custom nutrition for what you do, how you do it, when you do it, and where you do it, so you're better at doing it. We make you better at doing it. Featuring Dan Chabanov demonstrating his box.

Step #3: Accomplishment

If, with the help of this manual, you're able to successfully accept the Art & Science of Nutrition into your mind, body and spirit, we 100% guarantee real results in less than a week. Don't just reach for the stars!!!!!!, RIDE TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The first thing you should do about nutrition is admit to yourself that it matters. It's not rocket science that fuel affects the output of the engine. In this case, your body is the engine and how hard you push on the pedals (and for how long) is the output. With that in mind, here is what you should be doing about it."

Step #1, Comprehension: Dan's Five Fundamental Hot Tips

Hydrate, Damn It: "Not just water but electrolytes and shit. Cut out the sugary sports drinks and put some electrolyte mix into your water. Staying hydrated in the days leading up to a big event is huge. When your body is properly hydrated it just works better. You recover faster and feel better. And drinking isn't just something you do on the bike during a work out or a race, it's something you should be doing all the time. Aim for 2-3 bottles a day off the bike. San Pellegrino is my personal favorite for adding some bubbles into my hydration routine."1
Eat before your workout: "Here comes another car analogy: you won't get far on an empty tank of gas. Same thing with bike racing. Think about what's ahead and plan accordingly. Doing a big ride or race? You need a big breakfast. Taking it easy? Scale it back. Common sense goes a long way with nutrition."2
What you do during a ride/race is personal: "A good rule of thumb is to drink a bottle every hour and eat something (like a gel or a few blocks) every 30-40 minutes. It's not that complicated. For most people it's figuring out what you can get in your stomach regularly and then remembering to actually do it. Eating during races kind of sucks, and if you try to shovel nothing but gels for a hundred miles you'll be fighting Race Gut for a few hours after. Try to eat as much "real" food as possible before the race gets to crunch time and you're stuck with gels due to the whole "pedaling really hard" thing."3
With recovery, timing is everything: "Get a recovery beverage into your system within 30 minutes and you're golden. Wait and the benefits will be diminished—but just because you missed the optimum time frame doesn't mean you should skip it. Your next day on the bike starts with that recovery beverage. I feel so lame having to say it, but it's true. Rest and recovery are just as important to going fast as hard training."4
Day-to-day nutrition is where a little common sense goes a long way "My policy is everything in good moderation. Having a slice of pizza every once in a while isn't going to end your season. In fact, trying to restrain your self from ever eating things that are "bad" for you will probably drive you crazy in short order and make you want to quit. But don't have it at like 11pm right before you're about to go to bed. If you have a sweet tooth then save it for your ride. A tasty mid ride treat is awesome. Sitting down with a pint of ice cream right before bed time is not. I'm obviously not as regimented as some, so for me nutrition is about avoiding obviously bad food choices and making obviously good ones when I can. At SpeedWeek that means only going to McDonalds once during the week. Instead of every night like I want to."5

Step #2, Application: Featuring Dan's Supply Box

Dan admires his box.
4 x Rip Van Wafels with 4 x Justin's Hazelnut Butter.
Dan: "These are awesome. A good mid-ride snack or mid-afternoon snack with some Justin's Hazelnut butter. Something sweet to have instead of eating a bigass dessert. These waffles are multi-purpose and you’ll never be sad to have them in your weekend bag or your jersey pocket." The Feed: "Rip Van Wafels with Nut Butter on top makes for a ridiculously nutrient dense food. TheJustin's make sure the energy from the Rip Van Wafels enters the body as sustained energy, rather than a blast. This is a perfect combination for a mid day snack or to hold you over during a long ride."
4 x Clif Shot Gels.
Dan: "I need these. I love them. They taste like jelly. And sometimes a well timed gel can totally save your race. Remember FroomeGelGate at The Tour?" The Feed: "Dan like the raspberry one and so do we. We also like the chocolate one because it tastes like frosting. Clif Shots are great when you need a burst of energy. It's pure sugar delivered almost instantly to your system. Because it's delivers such a surge, once you begin taking gels or chews, you need to take the equivalent amount of sugar every 30-45 minutes or so throughout a ride to avoid bonking. Gels are also great to take 20 minutes before an intense race, or even right on the starting line. Another thing to remember is, digestion uses hydration. So when you take a Clif Shot, you need to drink, or you can fall into a dehydrated state."
2 x PowerBar Performance Energy Blasts.
Dan: "For racing or training. I like rewarding myself with these in between intervals or just eat them like candy." The Feed: "These chews are great because they don't stick to your teeth. They're very gummy. Dan has an obsession with Haribo Frogs, and these are essentially the same thing. Bursts are much easier to ration than shots, and one burst only delivers about a quarter of the amount of sugar as an entire Clif Shot. This makes rationing them out over the course of a ride much more calorically sound. Use Powerbar Bursts spaced out along a long ride, or in between shorter intervals as an energy boost and a reward."
1 x Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration
Dan: "It makes my water taste good. And that’s good. And good for you." The Feed: "Dehydration sucks away watts. Being hydrated is one of the simplest things you can do to increase your power output and be a better bike racer. So why don't we just all drink more? Well, the problem with water is it's boring. Skratch makes the act of drinking something worth doing. If you like what's in your bottles, you'll drink. If you drink you'll perform better -- in training, and in races. Dan also mixes Skratch with bubbly water throughout the day. We recommend doing this with Skratch Labs Daily Hydration mix because it's lower in calories. If you can go into a workout topped off you will get more out of your workout."
2 x PowerBar Performance Energy Bars.
Dan: "Fun trick: I only like the Citrus and Mixed Berry flavors, and I throw these in the freezer. Then I have Powerbar Smoothie popsicles. Or you can just eat them during your ride for delicious energy." The Feed: "Dan's fun trick is neat. Our fun trick is a little grosser. Take the bars out of their wrappers and stick them to your top tube or stem. This makes them super easily accessible, and lets you nosh on them constantly throughout the ride. Clean your bike before doing this."
2 x Fluid Recovery.
Dan: "Preparation for your next race starts with recovery from your last race." The Feed: "If you go harder than normal, longer than normal, are more tired, gutted and seeing cross-eyed, try recovery. Fluid uses a 4:1 carb-to-protein blend that makes it ideal for recovery from cardio and endurance training, not weight training. It also has essential amino acids, electrolytes and other nutrients to repair muscles, top of glycogen stores, boost the immune system and get you back on your feet. One caveat - any recovery needs to be taken within 30 minutes of a workout. That's when your metabolism is pumping and body is ready to receive all the nutrition. This is why we recommend Fluid Single Serves. They travel easily, can be tucked away in a jersey pocket, gym back or desk drawer."

Step #3, Accomplishment: Conquer the Galaxy

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