Fan Boys. In Ghent, the largest city and capitol of the East Flanders Province in the Flemish Region of Belgium, they care - we know you know this, we know this goes without saying, we know you’ve heard this before and but it’s really, really true so we’re saying it anyway - about cycling. On a deep and psychic and spiritual-type level. It’s really true. They respect football played with a soccer ball, bad-but-danceable house music and stunning architecture, mostly old as in ancient with stain glass and spires and turrets and the like, and some new like in the tidy suburbs where the right angle is expertly and ingeniously interpreted in a modern but warm way, and cycling. On bikes. In kit.

Here, teenagers ride bikes for fun and for sport, not just to get cigarettes at 7-11. They know where Garmin are staying and they’re geeked. Professional cycling (the entire institution), professional cyclists (the world’s top most best athletes!) and the pursuit of speed, is legend.